Medical technology

Orthopaedic aids such as prostheses and orthoses are produced in lightweight designs using carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP). This ensures that they are very comfortable to wear for patients. Instruments and medical equipment benefit from the compatibility of the composite materials with standard imaging processes which significantly improves medical assessments.

Orthoses and prostheses

  • Orthopaedic aids such as prostheses and orthoses are often made of composite materials due to their high mechanical strength and low weight
  • Areas that are purposely made to be rigid can be combined with soft spring elements
  • This freedom of design allows a high degree of ergonomics, combined with safety and durability

Composite parts for equipment and aids

  • As the composites are radiolucent for X-rays (CT) and MRIs, they are a suitable material for medical aids and equipment
  • Parts for operating tables, instruments and other aids improve the field of view for surgeons in interoperative imaging
  • And they thus support the healing process for patients

Highly integrated structural parts

  • We reduce the use of metals to a minimum using highly integrated structures, which enables artefact-free imaging
  • Smart components that help the user provide the optimal treatment can be created by integrating sensors.


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