When transporting passengers and freight on land, mass does not have the same huge impact as it does in the aerospace sector. Yet every kilogram saved here also reduces energy consumption or can increase the possible load (carbon footprint).

Passenger transport

  • Lightweight construction is used to improve the driving dynamics in sports cars
  • To increase the range of electric vehicles
  • To reduce fuel consumption in vehicles with a combustion engine
  • Therefore, it is much more relevant than just for motor sports – where carbon has been the material of choice for a long time

Freight transport

  • In the rail industry and freight transport, the limits are set much more often by the permissible total weight or the permissible axial load
  • OEMs can also offer their customers added value that truly pays off by using fibre-reinforced composite materials

Quality of the highest level

  • The high reliability of our automated production processes guarantees the highest level of operational safety


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