Freedom of design and aesthetics

Freedom of design, aesthetics and haptics should not be forgotten when selecting the right material. In close cooperation with our partners, we create products that take function, production and design into account and open up new possibilities for design.

Design options

  • High level of design freedom
  • Completely unique look thanks to the stitching technology – not the usual carbon appearance
  • We can create special effects using various different stitching threads and patterns
  • Pleasant to touch compared to metals
  • Especially important for products used outdoors: suitable for users who are sensitive to cold and heat, comfortable to wear

Often relevant for the following sectors:

Biontec signet, a hollow strongly rounded rhombus, half orange, half black Success stories

Bicycle crank

Bicycle crank

  • Full carbon design with foam core
  • Fibre architecture along the principal stress path
  • Outstanding stiffness and weight ratio

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