Carbon fibres are very stiff with a stiffness of up to 900 GPa. This means they can be used to develop very rigid but nevertheless lightweight products. This is not only essential for highly dynamic applications but also for highly accurate metrological instruments and satellite structures.

Optimal fibre orientation

  • The orientation of the fibres has a decisive influence on stiffness
  • Our bionic technology makes it possible to produce optimised parts with high repeatability
  • Every part effectively has the same stiffness

Highest precision

  • Precise systems for very high accelerations
  • Low distortion for rigid housings in the measurement industry
  • Precise satellite structures
  • Suitable for applications in sports equipment and mechanical engineering through to space travel

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Pick-and-place rocker

Pick-and-place rocker

  • Lightweight and very stiff rocker for a pick-and-place application with a very high frequency
  • Narrow tolerances and perfect dimensional stability

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