Fibre-reinforced composites have become an integral part of modern aviation. Weight reductions also have the advantage of helping to save costs. “Even one kilogram of additional weight on board a long haul aircraft costs the airline up to 300 dollars of fuel per year” (Handelsblatt, 2014), explains Airbus COO John Leahy.

Process reliability and low costs

  • Due to the applicable safety standards and prevailing manufacturing methods, the costs for quality assurance are significant
  • However, BIONTEC uses automated processes to improve the process reliability and reduce costs
  • We open up new possibilities for the application of composites
  • This is especially true for complex parts that are difficult to produce using traditional methods

Robust components made of composite materials

  • BIONTEC solutions also enable complex and small parts to be expertly produced cost effectively
  • The parts must be robust enough to withstand the stress of daily use over the long term

From the seats to the fuselage

  • Safety requirements in the interior – particularly the fire behaviour of materials – are met by using special material systems
  • A cabin is equipped with many identical parts and it is the total weight saved that makes the decisive difference
  • The large number of parts calls for efficient production methods and robust processes
  • There are numerous fittings, brackets and hinges in the structure of an aircraft

Biontec signet, a hollow strongly rounded rhombus, half orange, half black Success stories

Cockpit handle

Cockpit handle

  • Overhead handle for business jet pilots
  • Significant weight reductioni

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