High stiffness and low thermal expansion ensure that you always have the correct measurement results – no matter whether you are in the Arctic or the desert. Thermal expansion can be specifically influenced by the right combination of fibres and resin to achieve very low coefficients of thermal expansion (CTEs).

Elegant and ergonomic measuring equipment

  • High measurement precision combined with low weight
  • For optical and mechanical applications
  • Freedom of design for elegant and ergonomic hand-held devices
  • Pleasant and practical to handle

Thermosetting matrix

  • The thermosetting matrix guarantees a high level of precision over the long term
  • Also robot-guided systems benefit from the low weight and higher stiffness

Biontec signet, a hollow strongly rounded rhombus, half orange, half black Success stories

Supporting structure for scanner

Supporting structure for scanner

  • Dimensional stability with respect to changes in temperature and humidity
  • Maximising measurement accuracy
  • Minimising the calibration cycles

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