Benign failure through Composite Design

The fibre architecture and computer-aided fibre placement ensure reproducible mechanical properties that guarantee the safety of the user. The method used to process the fibres also ensures that there will only be gradual failure. This avoids any sudden breakage of the parts.

High damage tolerance for CFRP components

The crown and shaft unit can be exposed to extremely high loads in the event of an accident. To avoid danger, the units are made to be as damage tolerant as possible. The combination of fibres and resin designed to maximise toughness and the damage-tolerant architecture of the fibres prevent total failure. The desirable, ductile properties of the composite are equal to that of metals. Even if cracks can be seen, the crown and shaft unit can still bear significant loads.


Often relevant for the following sectors:

Biontec signet, a hollow strongly rounded rhombus, half orange, half black Success stories

Crown and shaft for suspension fork

Crown and shaft for suspension fork

  • Full carbon crown and shaft for winning MTB suspension fork
  • Fail safe design, very benign failure

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