Fatigue strength

Fatigue strength plays an important role in many modern systems. For example, textile machines are subject to billions of load cycles. Metal lightweight constructions quickly reach the limit of their fatigue strength in such applications. The solution: composites. The bionically moulded parts can withstand even the highest number of stress cycles without suffering any damage.

Highest performance

  • The fatigue strength of moulded composite parts is very good – when using glass and carbon fibres
  • Decisive advantage compared to lightweight aluminium construction
  • Your part will remain permanently stable thanks to thermosetting resin systems (no creep)

Broad range of applications

  • Traditional applications in mechanical engineering
  • Suitable e.g. for drive elements such as connecting rods, for sports equipment or for the transport industry
  • The best choice if the required service life is very long

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Bicycle crank

Bicycle crank

  • Full carbon design with foam core
  • Fibre architecture along the principal stress path
  • Outstanding stiffness and weight ratio

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