Radiolucency is a key factor for the success of imaging processes. A composite can be optimally designed for radiation applications – whether X-rays, MRI or radio waves – by making them radiolucent or shielding depending on the requirements. This is possible using moulded composite parts from BIONTEC.

Medical imaging

  • In medical technology, radiolucency is an important feature especially in diagnostics.
  • Computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and X-rays are powerful tools that provide accurate images of the body
  • To ensure an unrestricted view, the structures that support the patients must not be visible in the images – carbon and glass fibre are particularly suitable materials in this case
  • Thanks to this unique technology, complex structures can be produced without metal components and thus significantly improve the imaging results

Signal technology and data transmission

  • In wireless data transmission, it is important that structural components do not interfere with the radio waves
  • Composite materials can also support users in the development of parts that combine high mechanical strength with low interference
  • This means that antennas can even be directly integrated into structural components
  • Opening up a completely new range of design options

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