Lightweight construction

The mechanical properties of carbon make it extraordinarily strong. At the same time, it is a particularly lightweight raw material. Carbon is the material of choice when you want to realise particularly lightweight designs. Bionically optimising the orientation of the fibres, as happens in nature, effectively exploits the potential of the material.

Metal replacement

  • Potential weight saving of up to 40% compared to aluminium (depending on the load)
  • The ideal orientation of the fibres maximises their potential
  • Minimal use of materials ensures resource-conserving production
  • Fibres specifically selected according to the requirements, from high strength to highly stiff

Represented in all sectors

  • Lightweight and very rigid rocker with a very high frequency
  • All kinds of applications, from sports equipment and mechanical engineering through to space travel, benefit from lightweight parts
  • Precise systems for very high accelerations
  • Low distortion for rigid housings in the measurement industry
  • Precise satellite structures

Biontec signet, a hollow strongly rounded rhombus, half orange, half black Success stories

Brake lever and clamp

Brake lever and clamp

  • Ultralight full carbon brake lever and accompanying clamp
  • Optimal orientation of the fibres for maximum performance

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