Space travel

The importance of lightweight constructions for space travel is plain to see: Every gram of material requires additional thrust to launch the load into orbit. The strain placed on the material during take-off is immense. We contribute to the success of your mission with our technology and expertise.

Automated production processes

  • Space travel would be unthinkable without composites
  • The increasing commercialisation of space travel requires new strategies in production engineering
  • We use automated processes to enable the economic production of highly precise parts for science and new space

Measurement accuracy

  • Alongside their high strength, composites also contribute to the success of the mission thanks to their high stiffness and low thermal expansion
  • This is because the difference in temperature between the side facing the sun and the side facing away from the sun can be up to 200 °C
  • The measurement accuracy of sensitive instruments is maintained thanks to the design of our composites