Thanks to light and extremely durable products, you reduce the energy consumption of your products in operation. Our Bionic Fibre Placement technology also allows you to use the optimal combination of materials in a resource-effective manner. With a spirit of innovation, we drive the sustainability of our technology; for example, through bio-based materials and recycling.

At the core of our technology

Prevent excessive material usage

  • Optimised material composition
  • Optimised fibre layout
  • Robust and highly repeatable processes

Prevent production waste

Reduce carbon footprint in service

  • Weight reduction
  • Increased service life

Enable recycling

  • Thermoplastic matrices via hybrid-yarns

Continuous improvement

Reduce carbon footprint in production

  • Recycled carbon fibre
  • Bio-based materials
  • Recycled core materials

Enable recycling

  • New recyclable thermosetting resin systems

Recovery of remaining production waste

  • Recycling of fibres, resin and components

Biontec signet, a hollow strongly rounded rhombus, half orange, half black Success stories

Brake lever and clamp

Brake lever and clamp

  • Ultralight full carbon brake lever and accompanying clamp
  • Optimal orientation of the fibres for maximum performance

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