Development of composite molded components

As a reliable supplier for your parts and an all-round partner, we support you in the realisation of your product from the initial idea through to series production. Benefit from our in-depth knowledge and innovative ideas.

We focus just as much on your specifications as on the right production processes for your product (design for manufacturing). As we can handle all of the necessary sub-processes in-house from the fibres right through to the finished part, we provide you with the optimal result.

Development of the concept and complete assembly

  • This is where we set the course for an efficient production process
  • Based on your specification sheet, we develop various concepts for your product (e.g. monolithic, sandwich or hollow structure)
  • We take your whole assembly into account to make sure we achieve the optimal result
  • If you wish, we can continue to support you with the development work even after the product is finished to ensure that the whole assembly is a complete success

Composite design and composite construction

  • We design and construct parts using the latest technology and our extensive experience
  • Almost unlimited freedom of design
  • Solutions for the trickiest tasks
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Functional integration to reduce the number of other processing steps or parts


  • Pre-dimensioning in the early phases
  • Parts that are designed and optimised for the required load paths
  • Mathematical verification of the properties of the parts
  • Using the latest FE simulation techniques

Prototypes and validation

  • We are available to support you in the validation and evaluation of prototypes
  • Proof of concept with simple tools
  • Optimisation of the process parameters at a very early stage
  • Static and dynamic testing
  • Close-to-series-production quality for the validation of the process (DSC, TMA, etc.)


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